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COVID-19 LCD Product

COVID-2019 affect most of our people’s life in the beginning of 2020, good news things getting controlled now, and we are back to normal life slowly, and economy recovering. Under this backgroud, we developed a hand sanitizer dispenser stand kiosk with IR thermometer for body temperature detecting, which will been use in most of the economy activity place, like supermarket, mall, CBD building, office, metro station, airport, shopping mall, restaurant and so on, we still should be very careful protect our self and family members. The kiosk with automatic hand sanitiser dispenser which have a container have 1-3 L capacity, can choose for different location, with IR body temperature detecting, can shows the tested value on screen automatic multiple language support (English, Italy, Spain, Portugal, German, French, polish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese), also will announce it via speaker support multi language too(English, Italy, Spain, Portugal, German, French, polish, Russian, Chinese), if temperature value too high have potential risky, it will lead to the alarm and shows red words on screen to remind, there also have a camera build inside, we can setting collect all those temperature data, with risky people’s photo send to the management person via e-mail from the server. And there was a detecting device once the alcohol or gel going to running out, the auto sanitizer dispenser server also send a message to the management person to fill in. There were some other optional function available also, wall mount and floor standing design optional on auto hand sanitizer dispenser, support offer API to client for redevelopping, lithium Battery Supported optional, and we applied Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Related Patent to protect our original design. Feel free contact with Marvel staff if any interesting to know more there.
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