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Poster Led Series

ScreenTech Poster Led screen is widely used for any commercial retail place or entertainment, shopping mall, Mcdonald’s, 4S Store, Close Store, Chain Store, restaurant, bank, etc.


  • Supports Ethernet, SD card, Wifi, HDMI input and 4G remote control input.
  • Two installations for option: hung up or seat on the floor.
  • With high refresh rate and high grey scale to achieve good quality images and videos.
  • Slim profile(33mm), with high-durable and fashionable alluminum alloy.
  • High transparency, like the glass.

Poster Led application in 4s store

The ultra-thin, light weight, innovative design Poster is the latest in creative retail LED advertising displays. Compared to traditional heavy and bulky LED advertising displays, Poster is much lighter, slimmer, and more convenient as it can be set up, relocated and operated very simply. Brighter with higher contrast compared to LCD displays the Poster is the perfect retail advertising solution.
Technical Specifications Poster LED1.9 / Poster LED2.5 / Poster LED3
Pixel Pitch 1.9mm 2.5mm 3mm
LED Configuration SMD3IN1 SMD3IN1 SMD3IN1
Pixel Density 245760dot/set 157464dot/set 122880dot/set
Transparency 70% 75% 75%
Brightness 1000CD/m² 1000CD/m² 1000CD/m²
Cabinet Size Could be choice 512x1920mm / 570x1897mm / 576x1920mm / 640x1920mm
Cabinet Weight 35kg/Panel to 40kg /Panel
IP Rating IP30
Operation Power AC110~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Display Scale 68.7Billion
Refresh Rate ≥1920Hz / 3840Hz
Operating Life 100,000hours
Certificate CE,RoHS

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