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ScreenTech Led Dance Floor is full color led video floor, with the interactive, lightweight, flexible, easy installation, highly load-bearable features, also there are 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinet for choice. it widely used for Car show, nightclub, stage, concerts, shopping mall, etc.

Flexible LED Display

ScreenTech Led Flexible LED Display is popular with the features of light weight,transparent structures and widly-used in the application of TV station,studios,auto shows ,music concerts,clubs,disos,building facade,outdoor decorative lighting projects,exhibitions,celebrations etc.

Transparent LED Display

ScreenTech Led transparent LED display is a innovative technology allowing you to turn your window into a digital billboard, suitable for advertising all products and services. The integrated LED lamps are almost invisible from the outside of the building, thus making no difference to its appearance. This type of digital signage provides 80% transparency which enables you to still be able to look through the glass window.

HD LED Display

ScreenTech Led is popular with the features of light weight,ultra-thin cabinet,transparent structures and widly-used in the application of TV station,studios,auto shows,music concerts,clubs,disos,building facade,ourdoor decoratiive lighting projects,exhibitions,celebrations etc.

LED Curtain Mesh Display

ScreenTech Led are super lightweight, slim and hollow. They allow audio, wind, light and smoke


Advertising led display is a kind of full color for shopping mall,billboard advertising fixed
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